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  • 3/11/2019
  • 1/15/2019
  • 11/25/2016

    PRW 25 November 2016 Digital Edition

    In this digital issue of PRW...In News, the Co-op reckons a million tonnes of plastic packaging is going to landfill when it could – and indeed should – be recycled, while the Marine Conservation Society says the 5p plastic bag charge, now in place across the UK, has been vindicated in the wake of figures which show plastic bag littering on the country's beaches has slumped by 40%. Our regular business feature looks at the issues surrounding employees' mental health and what firms can do to help affected staff, and Hot Runner casts on a beady eye over the static qualities of the new plastic £5 note.

  • 11/11/2016

    PRW 11 November 2016 Digital Edition

    In this digital issue of PRW…In News, we hear from the plastics industry about what it would like to see in the forthcoming Autumn Statement, plus a US packaging outfit buys up Evolve Polymers – what used to be EcoPlastics. Elsewhere in the mag our features editor Keren Sall talks to mould makers and injection moulders about, among other things, the likely implications of Brexit, while our regular business feature looks at what businesses can do to avoid being paid late for goods and services…

  • 10/28/2016

    PRW 28 October 2016 Digital Edition

    In this digital issue of PRW… In News, we look at possible reform of the PRN system…a new education tool to promote plastics among school children, and a round-up of news from the recent K Show in Düsseldorf. Our regular features slot showcases materials, distribution and design, as well as additive manufacturing, while our business focus assesses steps firms could take to mitigate the likely impact of the looming revaluation of business rates.

  • 10/14/2016

    PRW 14 October 2016 Digital Edition

    In this digital issue of PRW…in News we report on the industry's reaction to government claims it has cut £1bn-worth of red tape – by accounting for the money consumers spend on buying single-use 5p carrier bags – and on a promotion for Albis' Ian Mills, who moves to Germany to become the compounding group's chief sales officer. Our features section covers thermoplastics and construction activities, while 'Tech Zone' looks at a new method for surface patterning. Plus we feature winners' photos from the recent Plastics Industry Awards!

  • 10/2/2016

    PRW 30 September 2016 Digital Edition

    In this digital issue of PRW…In News, the British Plastics Federation announces it has set up a 'Brexit taskforce', headed by Plastribution's Mike Boswell; a study by Plymouth University finds washing clothes releases 'thousands of microplastics', and the winners of this year's Plastics Industry Awards are revealed. Our features section takes a detailed look at what visitors to the K Show can expect to find later this month, while our regular business slot outlines how firms looking to export for the first time can get help and advice.

  • 9/16/2016

    PRW 16 September 2016 Digital Edition

    In this digital issue of PRW…In News, stories include a look at moves to change recycling targets in the UK, James Dyson's delight at the UK's Brexit vote, and the government's pledge to ban plastic microbeads from cosmetics. This issue's 'Your Shout' columnist, Darren Hankey, looks at the country's skills dilemma, while the regular features section examines energy efficiency and rotomoulding. Lastly, our business article highlights important changes to insurance legislation that every business should know about.

  • 9/2/2016

    PRW 2 September 2016 Digital Edition

    In this digital edition of PRW…In News, in the wake of a number of recent sector casualties, Domenic Donatantonio, PRW's news editor, casts his eye over the state of UK plastics recycling. The government's apprenticeship levy plans gets a mixed welcome from industry, and the British Plastics Federation reveals the identity of the speaker for its upcoming annual dinner. This issue's 'Your Shout' contributor, Scott Crowther, urges SMEs to embrace Industry 4.0, while our regular features section looks at colourants, additives and masterbatch, together with finishing printing and decorating.

  • 8/12/2016

    PRW 12 August 2016 Digital Edition

    In the latest digital edition of PRW…In News, oxo-biodegradable additives manufacturer Symphony Environmental defends a report which supports claims for its products; the British Plastics Federation says it is “encouraged” by responses to its latest Business trends survey, and we highlight a snazzy rotomoulded beehive. Our regular 'Your Shout' column comes from Jane Bickerstaffe, director at Incpen, who looks at the impact of the 5p plastic bag levy, while our regular business feature assesses how firms can trim their buying costs. The mag also carries in-depth features on the latest developments in engineering polymers and moulds and dies, and of course, Hot Runner.

  • 7/22/2016

    PRW 22 July 2016 Digital Edition

    In this digital edition of PRW…in News, the industry ponders the fate of European Union (EU) nationals working across the sector; plastics recycler CK Group goes into administration with the loss of 42 jobs, and Veolia takes on assets from the collapsed Euro Closed Loop operation…in Features, our look at injection moulding finds companies upbeat about prospects for the remainder of the year, while the author of this issue's 'Your Shout' column calls on the plastics industry to boost productivity in the wake of the recent vote to leave the EU.

  • 7/1/2016

    PRW July 1 2016 Digital Edition

    In this digital edition of PRW…In News, what next for UK plastics after the vote to leave the European Union, as trade bodies call for 'unrestricted access' the single market? Meanwhile Rutland Plastics announces a big expansion, and Netstal names a former apprentice as its new chief executive. There's full coverage of last month's PDM Event; the list of the Most Influential People In UK Plastics; features on materials and extrusion activities; business analysis, and, on the back page, some quirky stuff from Hot Runner. Enjoy!

  • 6/17/2016

    PRW June 17 2016 Digital Edition

    In this digital issue of PRW…In News, PRW readers are split over the UK's relationship with the European Union (EU), while RPC announces a £200m-plus deal to acquire British Polythene Industries. 'Your Shout' sees Paul Morris of Addmaster call for the UK to stay in the EU, while the business feature looks at the need for employers to be aware of what motivates staff. Our regular industry features look at materials handling and composites.

  • 6/3/2016

    PRW June 3 2016 digital edition

    In this digital edition of PRW…In News, health and safety is under the spotlight as resources are cut; the British Plastics Federation announces annual income of £2.3m, and Omega Plastics Group invests £1m across it three sites. Our 'Your Shout' slot goes to Neil Whitham, who argues for the UK to leave the European Union, while our regular business feature takes a look at what seems to be a recovering oil price.

  • 5/20/2016

    PRW May 20 2016 digital edition

    In this digital issue of PRW…In News, we look at Euro Closed Loop going into administration, a record year for the UK's vinyl recycling operations and a 3D-printed submarine, while the 'Your Shout' slot is written by Sue Husband of the National Apprenticeship Service. Our regular business article looks at the recent Vinyl Sustainability Forum in Vienna, and our features section has an extensive preview of the forthcoming PDM exhibition, taking place in Telford next month.

  • 5/6/2016

    PRW May 6 2016 Digital Edition

    In this issue of PRW…In News we look at VinylPlus' lukewarm response to European authorisation for three recyclers to use phthalate plasticiser DEHP; first quarter trading at Covestro and Bayer, and the latest UK car production figures. As part of our celebration of family-owned companies we feature five family-run plastics firms. Our features section highlights additive printing and materials distribution, while our regular business article looks at how suppliers can protect themselves in the event a customer goes bust.

  • 4/22/2016

    PRW April 22 2016 Digital Edition

    In this edition of PRW…In News, machinery imports into the UK hit a 12-year high; the chemical sector gets a profits warning, and Greenpeace highlights consumers' abhorrence of micro-beads. This issue's 'Your Shout' columnist Steve Millward takes thieves and dumpers of plastic products to task, our business section looks at how to pay for the equipment your business needs, while our feature pages cover developments in compounding, jointing and welding. We hope you enjoy the read.

  • 4/8/2016

    PRW April 8 2016 digital edition

    In this issue of PRW…in the news pages, the market for compostable plastics is set to treble by 2020; trade bodies warn of the National Living Wage's impact on businesses, and acquisitions give plastics pipe giant Polypipe a boost. Angus Macpherson takes to the 'Your Shout' soapbox to look at PRNs, while our features section looks at developments in automation and robotics, as well new plastics technologies being rolled out in the medical sector.

  • 3/25/2016

    PRW March 25 2016 digital edition

    In the latest issue of PRW…in News, a row brews over a possible 'coffee cup tax', and a charity calls for the re-introduction of a deposit return scheme to cut littering and encourage recycling…'Your Shout' takes a look at the Climate Change Agreement for the plastics sector, while PRW features editor Keren Sall looks at the latest developments in injection moulding, and the Chartered Institute of Taxation's Richard Wild casts his professional eye over the Chancellor's Budget.

  • 3/11/2016

    PRW March 11 2016 digital edition

    In the latest issue of PRW…In News, is BASF joining the DowDuPont party? Engel’s chairman is set to retire and BPF members say no to exiting the European Union. ‘Your Shout’ asks if industry can do more to work with schools and students, and our features section takes a look at blow moulding technologies and the breadth and the scope of engineering polymers, particularly in automotive. Meanwhile our regular business article warns firms of looming online tax updates.

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