Plastics News Europe Live is a live show broadcasted 6 times a year in 2019 by our hosts, the Plastics News Europe Editorial Team. Each episode will have a unique topic and feature our expert staff. The audience will have the ability to ask a limited amount of questions during the show.

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Upcoming Livestreams

Design for Recycling - Closing the Loop
Live Stream Design for Recycling - Closing the Loop
Versatile and made to last, plastics are today found in everything from cars to medical devices to food packaging and much more including the environment. Public outrage at plastic pollution is mounting, as are concerns about resource scarcity, which have served to increase awareness about the need for better solutions. Preventing the leakage of end-of life plastics into natural systems and ensuring these plastics are collected, preferably to be reused or recycled, has become a priority topic within the ongoing transition to a more circular economic approach. Effective recycling will require designers and producers to radically rethink product and packaging designs if we are to successfully close the plastics loop.

Past Livestreams

Live Stream Bioplastics: Myths and Truths
The term bioplastics is a very broad one that, moreover, can be interpreted in multiple ways. As a result, there is much confusion about what precisely bioplastics are, and even more importantly, what they are not. In this webinar, we will explore the differences between bio-based, biodegradable and compostable materials. Well also examine a few of the myths surrounding this group of materials and dispel a number of common misconceptions regarding their durability, processability and mechanical properties. Bioplastics today are viewed as a crucial component in the drive to create a fully sustainable and circular bioeconomy, and they will, in the future, play an increasingly important role in plastics product development and the plastics processing industry.
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