Reifenhäuser installs first new 5-layer FFS line in Russia

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The new 5-layer FFS line at KZPM

Extrusion specialist Reifenhäuser has developed a new 5-layer FFs line for the production of plastic heavy duty shipping sacks. The very first of these lines is now running in full production at KZPM, a major Russian producer of films, flexible industrial packaging and compounds. At a recent Open House event organized by Reifenhäuser at KZPM’s production location in Kazan, the new line was demonstrated to a group of interested customers and press visitors. 

According to Reifenhäuser, the new 5-layer film offers considerable benefits over conventional 3-layer films, including reduced melt temperatures due to the thinner layers, a higher output, improved dart impact, improved puncture resistance and the possibility of using recycled material as the core layer. Reifenhäuser is the only manufacturer of 5-layer FSS lines for this application.

“The technology enables the down-gauging of HDSS films,” said Reifenhäuser’s Bernd Schroeter. “Cost savings are yielded due to the thinner skin layers that require less expensive resin and additives, and the ability to use cheaper, recycled resin in the core layer. This is possible because of the barrier properties of the sub skin layer, which prevents the migration of any additives from the core into the skin. There is more flexibility in film recipes, and improved film properties because of the purer layers.”

The line running at KZPM achieved an output of 430.5 kg/h of film with a thickness of 125 m.

These impressive results have already led KZPM to order another three of these lines. 

“We have a total of 9 of these new 5-layer lines already on back order,” reported Reifenhäuser CSO, Ulrich Reifenhäuser. “And it is only the beginning – the market for sacks is enormous and there is a huge scope for replacing 3-layer lines with 5-layers.” 


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