Belarus toy moulder to build €2.7m plant in Russia

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PP Polesie recently signed an investment agreement for a project to build a 4,000m2 factory

A Belarus plastic moulded toy manufacturer, PP Polesie is understood to be planning to construct a new €2.7m production plant in the Ulyanovsk region of southwestern Russia.

PP Polesie recently signed an investment agreement for a project to build a 4,000m2 factory on a site in the DIP Master industrial park in the city of Dimitrovgrad north of Togliatti.

With an initial workforce of 150, the firm aims to launch production in 2020, according to Ulyanovsk regional government.

PP Polesie, based at Kobrin in Belarus’s Brest region, has longer term plans to grow its new Russian facility to 27,000m2 and eventually increase the number of employees there to 500m, the authority was quoted as saying by European industry media.

The Belarus business operates from a 110,000m2 production and warehousing site in Kobrin, employing a 3,000-strong workforce.

It manufactures a wide range of moulded plastic toys and games including licensed foreign trademarks like Spain’s ‘Molto’ and ‘Palau’ and Wader Quality Toys, along with its own ‘Polesie’ brand.

Formed in 1998, PP Polesie bought the rights to manufacture Spanish ‘Coloma’ and ‘Pastor’ products in 2014 and began selling Polesie brand toys to Japan and Australia.

At its plant, PP Polesie runs a production equipment park in Belarus of 107 injection moulding and 24 blow moulding machines. Suppliers include Demag, Engel, Arburg and Wittmann.

Dimitrovgrad’s DIP Master business zone has been growing and attracting a number of new industrial residents. Last November, DIP Master’s chief executive Marcel Nurlygavanov announced his firm was preparing 150,000m2 of production units and offices to enable it to place another 50 residents.


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