New Makrolon grade meets tough medical design requirements

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Photo by Covestro The spiral flow testing shown in the picture demonstrates the increased flow length that can be achieved using Makrolon Rx2235 polycarbonate.

 The ongoing miniaturisation trend in the design of products for the healthcare industry has led to the development of a new medical grade polycarbonate with the high-flow properties needed for these light-weight, thin-wall applications, such as on-body devices, surgical instruments, pen injectors and IV components.

Covestro therefore developed Makrolon Rx2235 polycarbonate, formulated specifically to meet rigorous healthcare industry requirements. The material is biocompatible according to ISO 10993-1 test requirements and designed to be sterilized using gamma or e-Beam methods.

“Makrolon Rx2235 polycarbonate sets a new benchmark for flow length and brings the expected transparency and toughness of polycarbonate to help manufacturers fill very thin walls and accurately replicate intricate features with lower pressures,” said Pierre Moulinié, global healthcare technology lead, Polycarbonates Covestro LLC. He added  that material savings with thin walls could be pushed even further with increased cavitation to reduce production costs.

The company is presenting the new material at Pharmapack 2019, Feb. 6 and 7, in Paris, France.


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