Trinseo urges customers to increase inventory ahead of Brexit

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Trinseo SA is advising its customers to increase inventory in advance of the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union – Brexit – set for 29 March.

In a statement issued 10 Dec, the company said it was working with customers and suppliers to prepare for the potential implications of Brexit.

The company also recommended that customers place their orders “in time” to allow for the planning of production capacity and supply chain support.

Citing news reports, Trinseo said shipping and transport, customs clearance and potential regulatory changes could be factors disrupting normal business, particularly around the planned Brexit transition date.

“The situation remains dynamic, and while we are unable to make definitive predictions on the exact implications of the Brexit transition on our customers’ business processes, we are ready to work together to mitigate risks of disruption,” the Trinseo statement noted.

The company expects to be able to supply customers without interruption during the coming months, with no shutdowns planned due to Brexit.

The US-based company said all its manufacturing operations in Europe are expected to continue normal operations during the Brexit transition period. Trinseo does not own any UK manufacturing operations.

Trinseo said it had assessed its supplier base for raw materials originating from the UK and was implementing plans to “minimise” any risk of disruption.


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