Varroc opens smart lighting production facility in Czech

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Photo by Varroc Lighting Systems s.r.o.

Czech-based automotive lighting maker Varroc Lighting Systems s.r.o. has opened a 7,000-square-metre production hall at its facility in Rychvald, eastern Czech Republic.

“The new premises and the overall strategic extension of our production and testing capacity… influence our future competitiveness and prosperity, and it is important to innovate and use the full potential of new technologies,” said Todd C. Morgan, senior vice president, global product development.

The hall, Varroc’s fifth in the Rychvald plant, will produce both rear lamps and smart headlamps with LED and Matrix technologies known as adaptive driving beam.

The overall production capacity at the plant is expected to reach 1 million lamps a year, once the new line is fully operational in the coming months, according to Radim Černý, Rychvald operations director.

The facility features five lines, including fully-automated injection moulding machines, hard-coat lines for UV protection and surface treatment, and lamp assembly lines.

Varroc is using “cutting-edge” technologies for the new production hall, including predictive equipment maintenance systems, advanced material flow monitoring and intelligent logistics management equipment.

With the addition of the new hall, the plant will be employing approximately 800.

The Czech-based Varroc provides its output to a number of major car producers, including Volkswagen Group, GM, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Land Rover, Nissan and Volvo.

The company says it specialises in the manufacturing of a wide range of exterior lighting products such as headlamps, signal lamps, auxiliary lamps, projector systems, and electronic control modules.

The manufacturer operates production facilities in Šenov near Nový Jičín, Rychvald and Ostrava, all three located in the Czech Republic.

Currently, the company exports as much as 95% of its annual output, with most of its foreign sales intended for various EU member states.

Varroc Lighting Systems is part of India’s Varroc Group which acquired the three production facilities from US automotive parts maker Visteon Corporation in 2012.


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