Lego unveils life-size, fully-functional Bugatti Chiron model

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Photo by Lego

Lego System A/S has built a life-size fully-functional, self-propelled model of Bugatti Chiron, using over a million of Lego Technic pieces.

The Danish toymaker announced 30 Aug that the Lego car could fit two passengers inside and accelerate to over 20km/h (12 m/h).

Powered exclusively using motors from the Lego Power Function platform, the model is claimed to be the first large scale movable construction.

The car is packed with 2,304 motors and 4,032 Lego Technic gear wheels with an overall weight of 1.5 tonnes. The engine generates 5.3 horse power with an estimated torque of 92 Nm.

The vehicle was designed by Lego Technic designers and engineers at the company's Klando factory in the Czech Republic, where other big models for Lego stores and Legoland parks are built.

The exterior of the car is made up of complex outer ‘skin’ structure, built of interconnected triangular segments made into a Lego Technic ‘fabric’ designed to mimic the iconic shapes of the original Chiron.

Inside, Lego claims that “every single detail of the original car has been carefully and precisely recreated in Lego Technic elements – from seats, to dashboard and the steering wheel.”

The model is equipped with a rear spoiler, speedometer, front and back-lights, detachable steering wheel and brake pedal. To build the car, the Danish toymaker used 339 various types Lego Technic elements and over 13,000 work hours of development and construction.  

An ultimate super sports car, Bugatti Chiron has a top speed of 420 km/h speed, with a power output of 1,500 horse power.


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