Marine biodegradable straws could be coming soon

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Photo by BioLogiQ,Inc.

BioLogiQ, Inc, a US manufacturer of biobased and compostable thermoplastic resins derived from potato starch, has announced the successful development of a new marine biodegradable product. The company, which markets its technology under the brand name NuPlastiQ Biopolymers, has created a blend of its NuPlastiQ GP grade with PBAT (polybutylene adipate terephthalate),  called NuPlastiQ MB BioPolymer. 

Tests performed by Eden Research Laboratory have now shown 97% biodegradation of a GP/PBAT film in ocean water within a one-year period, according to ASTM-D6691 standards for marine biodegradability, the company reported.

While its 100% plant-based NuPlastiQ general-purpose resin had been certified earlier by TUV Austria to marine biodegrade in 28 days, PBAT was not.

“Producing a marine biodegradable film using a material that was previously not marine biodegradable is a huge technical accomplishment,” commented Brad LaPray, President and Founder of BioLogiQ.

He added that the company is also working on NuPlastiQ MB marine biodegradable formulations of NuPlastiQ GP with polyethylene and polypropylene. “Our target applications are drink cups, straws, lids, and grocery sacks," he said.

When asked about certifying the new resin, LaPray said that the ability for plastics to biodegrade in a marine environment was so new and unusual that acceptable certification standards do not exist. The company plans to work with industry and governments to develop new standards.


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