Fakuma: Cooling without condensation for high productivity at lower operating costs

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Photo by FarragTech GmbH The new MAP XS size will be equipped with a revised version of the so-called FIT Controller.

At this year’s Fakuma trade show, which takes place in October in Friedrichshafen (Germany), FarragTech GmbH, an Austria-based manufacturer of peripheral equipment for plastics processing,  will demonstrate the latest addition to its Mould Area Protector portfolio: the MAP XS. 

As Aaron Farrag, Managing Director of the FarragTech, explains, moulded plastic products are cooled by means of cold water in the cavity of the mould. Processors often seek to achieve lower cycle times by reducing the temperature of the cooling water. The problem is that lowering the water temperature below the dew point of the ambient air causes condensation on the mould surface, which can lead to defects in the moulded product, permanently damage the mould itself or drastically increase its service intervals.  Yet a higher temperature of the cooling water increases the cooling time, slows down the manufacturing process, and reduces overall productivity. “A chilled water temperature of 6°C is optimal for the cooling of moulding processes in the plastics industry,” says Farrag.

To address this problem, FarragTech has developed its Mould Area Protection (MAP) system, specifically designed to dehumidify moulds and ensure sweat-free production throughout the year, even under tropical conditions. 

Photo by FarragTech GmbH The Mould Area Protector (MAP) is a dehumidification system for moulding tools which are chilled below the dew point of ambient air using cold water.

The principle is simple: the MAP unit fills the mould enclosure with dehumidified air. Before entering the enclosed mould area, the air first passes through four stations.  First, ambient air is sucked through a filter. It is then passed into a water-cooled heat exchanger, after which it is cooled to 3°C via the heat exchanger of the integrated refrigeration system. This releases water, which is separately collected. The air in the condenser is then reheated to 25°C so that it can once again absorb moisture. This dry air is blown into the mould enclosure. 

According to FarragTech, from 2019 the new unit will be standardly equipped with the FIT Controller - a revised version of the previous microprocessor control.

The controller, which is used in all FarragTech devices, serves to control, monitor and link the MAP. All parameters which are required for these tasks will be set by FarragTech during commissioning - special requests are also realizable. “So it not necessary to carry out manual settings - the MAP will start at the push of a button via the foil keyboard,” emphasizes Farrag. 

Mobile access is also available, regardless of where the user is located. In order to prevent unauthorized persons from changing settings directly on the MAP or via the IP address, all accesses are password protected ex factory. If required, several authorization levels can be set up for this.


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