Russian firm launches €10m medical nonwovens plant in Tver region

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A Russian company has launched a new plant to produce specialist non woven materials and a range of converted disposable medical products in north western Russia.

Geksanetkanie materiali, LLC, based near Moscow, invested more than €10.78m to establish the facility with new technology to manufacture the materials as part of Russia’s programme to substitute nationally made products for imports.

The firm received a state loan of €4.2m from the Industrial Development Fund of the Russian Trade and Industry Ministry to set up the plant in the Toropetsky district, within the Tver Region of Russia, reported the TASS news agency.

Geksanetkanie materiali’s new operation will have the capacity to produce up to 3,600 tons per year of non woven material for use in disposable surgical clothing and hygienic protective kits. Material will be converted by the company as well as being supplied to third party Russian manufacturers of protective items.

The company insisted its newest products are competitive in quality with foreign made material and goods and in fact turn out cheaper than imports.

“Today, a manufacturing enterprise was opened and a set of equipment connected with the production of new medical materials using new technology was launched. What’s notable is that it can compete with Western counterparts delivered to the market,” stressed the firm’s chief executive Alexei Bunin this month.

What is more, the company expects the price of its material and products will be significantly lower than that of the imported goods. In the case of material prices will be up to 35% less while finished surgical kits are set to cost 1.5 times less, the firm is reported to have predicted.

Geksanetkanie materiali aims to snatch a share of between 25 – 30% of Russia’s complex surgical kit market in the initial stage of the development project.

The company already operates a plant at Dubna in the Moscow region designing and producing sterile and non sterile disposable medical linen, disposable medical wear, protective equipment and medical instruments.

Its Toropetsky facility will not only serve the medical products market, but also cover industrial, construction and agricultural applications. It manufactures rolled polymer woven, nonwoven and geocell materials used in moisture proofing for roofing, walls and floors, road construction and soil stabilisation.

In addition, nonwoven materials will be employed to resolve issues in the agriculture and horticulture sectors including cereal crop and vegetable growing.


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