Milacron packs technology into large NPE2018 exhibit

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Photo by Michael A. Marcotte Milacron CEO Tom Goeke, left, and Chief Technology Officer Bruce Catoen, at the company's NPE2015 booth.

Milacron Holdings Corp. will have a large, 18,700-square-foot booth at NPE2018. The exhibit will feature Milacron injection and extrusion machines, Mold-Masters hot runners and control systems, DME mold components, Uniloy blow molding machines, Kortec coinjection technology and Milacron 4.0 internet of things solutions, plus the company’s service and support.

Milacron CEO Tom Goeke said: “Milacron always enjoys reconnecting with existing and prospective customers at trade shows but there’s something special about the NPE show, we’re in our North America customers backyards and we’re the largest North American plastics industry manufacturer.”

Products on display (booth W2703) will include:

Injection molding cells

The new Roboshot 500 has an increased tonnage option up to 550 tons with tie bar spacing of 36.2 inches. The press will be molding a detergent cap with 24-cavity mold at 6 second cycle times. The cell will feature a Mold-Masters Master-Series valve-gated hot runner and TempMaster M2 hot runner temperature control system and DME mold components.

The Maxima Performance Series debuted at NPE 2015, aimed at market demand for higher performance, lower energy, precision, and flexibility. At NPE2018, the two-platen Maxima Performance 600wp will be outfitted with Milacron’s “Core Back/Reverse Coining” technology package where the part is filled, then the clamp is opened to a predefined position. The machine will mold an 825 gram, 1-cavity automotive door panel map pocket with Trexel’s MuCell technology.

Uniloy work cell, Milacron extrusion technology

For injection blow molding, a Uniloy IBS 85 will be molding a 7.5 gram, 4-cavity medical tablet bottle with Kortec coinjection barrier technology in 12 second cycle times.

The Uniloy IBS system will be fitted with a Kortec hot runner system and Mold-Masters E-Multi secondary injection unit to deliver the barrier layer.

The company is touting the new Milacron SV350 single-screw extrusion machine as a robust and flexible extrusion machine, able to address the needs of tube and profile processors to sheet, fiber, wire and cable. It will be available in sizes ranging from 2 to 4.5 inches in 24:1 L/D ratio.


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