World Plastics Council welcomes new UN resolution on marine litter

7 December 2017

The World Plastics Council has welcomed a UN resolution which calls for increased efforts to combat marine litter.
The 6 Dec UNEA3 resolution, by the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA),concluded that waste minimisation and environmentally sound solid waste management should be given “the highest priority” in efforts to address marine litter.
Welcoming the decision, chairman of the World Plastics Council Abdulrahman Al-Fageeh said the resolution added to the “fast-growing global consensus” that investments should be made to improve municipal solid waste management.
According to Al-Fageeh the investment should have a focus on “emerging economies with large populations near rivers and coastlines.”
“Marine debris is a complex, global issue that deserves thoughtful consideration and action on the part of government, scientists and industries working together. The UNEA3 resolution through waste management practices will help support long-term, integrated solutions to this challenge,” he added.
The WPC added that it will continue to support initiatives to drive waste minimisation and solid waste management.
The WPC works to promote the ethic of responsible use of plastics and coordinates efforts to achieve practical solutions across various regions.
The global organisation, which was launched in November 2014, represents the global plastics industry to other stakeholders; coordinates and unites efforts to achieve practical solutions; and shares best practices from across various regions.