RadiciGroup sponsors Atalanta BC as part of European growth strategy

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Photo by RadiciGroup

Italian speciality chemicals company RadiciGroup has formed a partnership with Atalanta BC for the UEFA Europa League and the Coppa Italia, to target European markets for its products.

“Seeing the RadiciGroup brand on the Atalanta jerseys for the Europa League is something I can be proud of,” said Maurizio Radici, vice president of RadiciGroup, which is based in Bergamo, where Atalanta is the local club.

Some 85% of the company’s production is made in Bergamo, where it runs its international operations from its headquarters.

“We were a small provincial textile company and have become a multinational in chemicals, plastics and synthetic fibres. I’d like to thank Atalanta for giving Bergamo and all of us residents the opportunity to experience this magical European adventure,” Radici added.

The Italian group expects Europe to offer it’s the “most exciting challenges”, where it operates 17 of its 24 production sites.

The group claims to rank second in Europe in terms of polyamide production at 210 kilotonnes per annum (ktpa) and polyester production at 24ktpa.

More than half of the company’s sales are to the automotive industry, while the rest goes to apparel – technical and sportswear, in particular – as well as furnishings and other industrial uses.

The group also claims to be the only European producer with complete production process – from polymer chemicals to synthetic fibres and engineering plastics, including end-of-life recycling.

The vertically integrated production model complies with the European Commission’s circular economy principles, and is designed for the recycling and reuse of resources.

“RadiciGroup has long worked at developing low environmental impact materials and providing certification for its products and processes,” stressed Angelo Radici, president of RadiciGroup.

In the football world, RadiciGroup nylon yarn is mainly used for player intimatewear and socks, while polyester yarn is used for shorts and the outer jersey layer.


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