Arburg expects record sales in 2017

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Photo by Caroline Seidel Arburg GmbH & Co. KG says it is expecting its fourth straight year of record-breaking sales.

Sales should increase in 2017 for Arburg GmbH + Co. KG, marking the fourth straight year of record-breaking sales.

Michael Hehl, the injection press maker's managing partner, announced the results on 17 Oct at Fakuma.

Arburg generated 2016 sales of €636m, Hehl said. He said Arburg officials expect higher sales than that this year, but he declined to give a specific target, other than saying 2017 sales should be "more than satisfactory."

Sales director Gerhard Böhm said the automotive sector is Arburg's largest market, accounting for about 30% of its total sales. He said the move to electric cars gives the machinery maker an opportunity, since "our job is to provide our customers with comprehensive support during changes."

Injection molding also will a key role in the development of lightweight engines and other car parts, he said. Arburg's customer center at its headquarters in Lossburg, Germany, has seven injection presses dedicated to lightweight construction processes, including technologies such as fiber direct compounding, as well as the foaming processes such of ProFoam and MuCell.

Böhm said the US remains Arburg's largest export market.


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