NanoBioMatters unveils new oxygen scavenger

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Spain-based NanoBioMatters introduced O2 Block – a new family of advanced organoclay oxygen scavengers it claims simplifies and reduces the cost of scavenging technology for applications in food and pharmaceutical packaging.

The new system is based on a modified phyllosilicate clay that is funtionalised with an active iron to create a highly efficient oxygen scavenger.

The company claims that the key to the effectiveness of the new system is its use of a purified and layered clay-based carrier for the iron, which makes it possible to disperse the active ingredient directly into the polymer during production.

“Our novel technology provides greater versatility and efficiency than competitive oxygen scavenging systems,” said NanoBioMatters North American vp Ole Faarbaek. “The effective dispersion maximises the access to the active iron which ensures minimum reaction time and a very uniform protection of the packaged goods.

O2 Block is suitable for use with packaging materials based on PE, PP and PET, as well as PLA, at loading levels of 1-10%. It can be supplied as a micronized powder or masterbatch. The additive can also be used with the company’s O2 Block product for EVOH barrier films, where it can provide oxygen transmission rate reductions of up to 50%.

According to the company, all of the components are classified “generally recognised as safe” by the European and US food authorities. It expects full food contact approval to be obtained early next year.


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