3 March, 2016

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Our in-depth automotive feature, published in March 2016, uncovers developments in lightweighting, interiors and performance materials, including: Carbon Core in new BMW 7-series; ElringKlinger’s high hopes for Daimler’s polymer metal hybrid process; Smart’s new ForTwo and ForFour cars; Car makers at PNE’s automotive conferences.

Automotive/Transport Past Supplements

  • BMW i3 & i8 supplement

    Mar 02, 2016

    BMW’s i3 urban car and i8 sports car are the most startling vehicles launched in recent years. From their design to their carbon fibre passenger cells and use of natural materials as well as lightweight plastics the cars are a remarkable achievement for BMW, its Tier One suppliers and technology and materials specialists. In a special report, published as a supplement to European Plastics News in October 2014, we explore how plastics and composites made the BMW i3 and i8 possible.

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