Borealis recognised as “leader” in power cable systems

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Photo by Frost & Sullivan Wendy Loyens, Borealis manager business growth EHV/HV, at the Frost & Sullivan 2017 Best Practices Awards ceremony in London

Market research and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan has awarded Borealis AG with the 2017 European product leadership award for its power cable solutions.

In a statement on 30 Nov, the Vienna-based speciality chemicals manufacturer said Frost & Sullivan recognised its leadership following a recent analysis of power cable materials industry.

According to Borealis, a European Commission initiative in which targeted countries are to interconnect at least 10% of domestically produced power to neighbours, has driven the region’s growth for high-capacity power transmission over longer distances.

“Energy industry participants want transmission to be as efficient and effective as possible with a higher voltage level than currently commercialised,” Borealis said, explaining that in order to achieve industry expectations, innovative cables and extruded insulation and jacketing systems were needed.

Although some countries such as Turkey still use multipolymer (PVC and PE) solutions in power cables, many European distribution and transmission system operators have shown a clear preference for crosslinked low-density polyethylene-based materials (XLPE) for power cable insulation systems and polyethylene for jacketing. 

However, cables using multi-polymer solutions such as XLPE insulation and PVC jacketing pose a recycling challenge, something that could be best addressed through the use of monopolymer solutions (i.e., XLPE insulation and PE jacketing). 

“Utility companies also tend to base their purchase decisions on the total cost of ownership, taking into account functionality and durability rather than just the cost of the cable system,” explained Sayan Mukherjee, Frost & Sullivan senior research analyst. 

“Therefore, cable material manufacturers need to ensure that their products provide the optimal cost of ownership, which means developing cable systems focused on efficiency, effectiveness, and recyclability.”

Borealis AG claims to be “one of the most prominent and innovative companies” in the power cable materials market, with its product portfolio “rich in PE-based polymers.”

The company is also looking to increase its share in the solar energy market with the recent introduction of its solar brand Quentys. It is also finalising an investment in an electrical testing laboratory in Sweden where it can perform more demanding tests, adding value for their customers.

“As power cable demands and technical requirements change in Europe, Borealis AG has maintained its product leadership through constant innovation and strong customer relationships. Its… solutions for power cables offer a market-leading value proposition for customers through its integrated chemistry, production, and supply-chain technology,” Mukherjee said.


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