UK companies form alliance for painted plastic parts

16 November 2017

Two UK companies, ARRK Corp. and Paintbox Ltd, have formed an alliance in order to reinforce their position for painted plastic parts production in the country.
The alliance is intended to create a “one-stop shop” for plastic parts as ARRK invests in a moulding shop adjacent to the Paintbox’s facility in the UK Midlands, in Kings Norton.
Located close to the UK automotive industry, the alliance can offer services ranging from moulding, and automated robotic painting to assembly, EDI and logistics.
The 40,000sq. ft. ARRK facility is specially dedicated to house the moulding operations in support of Paintbox’s new £6m robotised painting line.
The two companies expect the cooperation to accommodate “low volume derivatives of medium volume products”, to serve the UK Tier 1 and OEM market.
The new ARRK facility will initially house six injection moulding machines from 80T to 1600T, to produce small- and medium-sized parts with assembly and logistics capability. 
The unit will be ready for production in Spring 2018.
The new Paintbox facility in Birmingham came on stream at the beginning of 2017.