Arion's new blower supplied by PET Technologies

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Photo by Arion

“You are water / I am water / we’re all water in different containers/ that’s why it’s so easy to meet”, Yoko Ono once said.

And, indeed, it is water that brought the two companies PET Technologies and Arion together.

Blow moulding expert PET Technologies, headquartered in Neunkirchen, Austria and production facilities in the Ukraine, has announced it has sold a new automatic stretch blow moulding machine APF-3002 to Arion, a bottled spring water company in the Western Ukraine.

Arion, named for lyre-player Arion of ancient Greek myth who enchanted people and animals with his singing and whose life was saved by dolphins – hence the dolphin in the corporate logo -  bottles the water that flows through underground rivers from the Carpathian Mountains, a markets this under the brand name Devaytis. Purified by nature, it requires no additional filtering and goes into the bottles immediately from the spring. 

The springs were well known in the past as a source of “healthy” water, but were abandoned over the course of time until Arion restarted bottling operations in the year 2000.

The new APF-3002 can produce 3000 bph, 0.2 – 2.0 l. The heater is equipped with 8-zone temperature control and allows for the production of differently shaped, asymmetric PET bottles, such as the ergonomic and aesthetic design of Arion’s Devaytis bottles. PET Technologies supplied APF-3002 blower with a blow mould to form 1.5 l bottles for carbonated and non-carbonated water.


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