Clariant colours the world in 2014

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Swiss-based specialty chemicals group Clariant has published its eighth ColorForward colour and trend forecasting guide, highlighting a range of tones to reflect consumers’ desire to connect with the products they buy.

Clariant said ColorForward’s colour predictions for 2014 were based on “intensive research of the most influential societal trends around the world, researched by the members of the ColorWorks global network, by tuning antennas to the huge array of events, exhibitions, and conferences, as well as to trends emerging in the planetary village, and by distilling them to a set of truly global influences”.

The firm grouped its new tones under headings such as ‘Keep It Real’, ‘Re/use/full’ and ‘There to Share’.

One colour under the ‘Keep it Real’ banner is called ‘Genuine’, which according to Norzihan Aziz, Clariant’s head of ColorWorks Asia Pacific, “represents transparency and honesty. It’s grounded and a mindful colour, reminiscent of the authentic feel/taste of an olive. It is a classic colour that will withstand the test of time."

Under the heading ‘One time zone’ exists a colour “whose blackness recalls a city by night; the red sparkles represent individual persons all over the world, digitally interconnected, sharing their experiences, thoughts and ideas”, said Judith van Vliet, designer at ColorWorks Europe/IMEA and a member of the ColorForward team.

‘Splash Green’, a colour found under the ‘Tapirapé’ heading, gets its inspiration from the lush green Amazonian forests of Brazil, said Antonio Rollo, regional key account manager for Latin America.

“The colour is very predominant in the country’s flag, natural surroundings, and of course, the soccer grass. Green is one of the most present colours in Latin America’s culture, and society.

“The Tapirapé are one of Brazil’s indigenous tribes that survived the European conquest and subsequent colonization of the country, keeping with little changes most of their culture and customs.

“Their tribalism and the relationship of man and nature are what have added to our colour inspiration,” he added.

Check out Clariant’s colour trends for 2014 here.


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