Europe funds banner waving for graphene flagship

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The European Commission (EC) has awarded an £850m (€991.2m) Future Emerging Technology (FET) research grant for graphene development. The material, which ash been designated a technology flagship, will receive the backing over a ten-year period.

According to the EC, the Graphene Flagship brings together “an academic/industrial consortium aiming at a breakthrough for technological innovation”. The research effort will cover everything from materials production to components and system integration. However, the programme will be clearly defined.

“Although the flagship is extremely extensive, it cannot cover all areas. For example, we don’t intend to compete with Korea on graphene screens,” said Professor Jari Kinaret a flagship director at Sweden’s Chalmers University of Technology. “Graphene production, however, is obviously central to our project.”

From the start in 2013 the Graphene Flagship will coordinate 126 academic and industrial research groups in 17 European countries with an initial 30-month budget of £46m (€53.6m). The consortium will be extended with another 20-30 groups through an open call, to be issued soon, which will further strengthen the project’s engineering properties.


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