Plastic Omnium posts 13.9% revenue rise

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Global automotive giant Plastic Omnium boosted sales by 13.9% to €4.8bn in 2012, with its auto business outperforming global automotive production growth.

The Automotive division performed better than Environment, with a 16.7% increase in revenue to €4.3bn.

“With this performance, the business once again grew faster with worldwide automobile production, which rose by 6.6% for the year,” the company said in a statement. “Nearly five million additional vehicles were produced worldwide, of which 2.3 million in North America and 1.2 million in China.”

The firm increased its presence both in the US, following on from its 2011 acquisition of Ford’s fuel tank and fuel system production assets, and China, where it built four new manufacturing plants, during the year. In Europe, the company began operations at a new research centre in Lyon, France.

The France-based company said sales increased in every region, except for in its home country, where revenue fell 7.3%. Sales were up in North America (+31%), eastern Europe (+30.8%), Asia (+28.1%), South America and Africa (+10.3%) and western Europe, excluding France (+2.7%).

However, the majority of Plastic Omnium’s automotive customers – 31% - are based in Germany, with Volkswagen Porsche accounting for 15% of business. US-based customers – General Motors, Ford and Chrysler – account for 25% of automotive business.

The company’s Environment division saw sales fall by 7.4% to €463.2m during the year.


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